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Medela 12V Vehicle Lighter Adaptor $24.99

Medela-12V-Vehicle-Lighter-AdaptorSKU # 67153

Need a private place to pump? How about your car?

The 12 volt vehicle lighter adaptor works with:

  • Freestyle®
  • Pump In Style® (models purchased prior to 2008)
  • Lactina®



  • A convenient alternative power option for Pump In Style® Advanced breastpumps (manufactured prior to January 2008), Lactina®, and Freestyle® breastpumps
  • 8-foot long cord
  • Use of the vehicle lighter adaptor will slightly increase the pumping speed of the Pump In Style breastpumps.
  • Replaceable 1.5 amp fuse
  • Adaptor may not work with all vehicle lighter outlets



  • Not for use with the Symphony®, Single Deluxe™, or 9V Pump In Style® breastpumps.
  • Gives you some extra room to charge your pump in your vehicle.
  • Adjust pumping speed accordingly for comfort.
  • Refer to your vehicle owners manual to check compatibility with your vehicle lighter.


What’s Included

  • 1 – 12-Volt vehicle lighter adaptor