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Pari LC Sprint Reusable Nebulizer

Pari-LC-Sprint-Reusable-NebulizerPARI reusable nebulizers are trusted by pharmaceutical companies in more clinical trials than any other brand. The PARI LC® Sprint reusable nebulizer is the fastest addition to the PARI family of breath enhanced reusable nebulizers. This next generation nebulizer delivers a consistent particle size for targeted delivery to the lungs while wasting less of a patient’s medication. Other features include an ergonomic design for improved handling, a Clear-View™ medication window, and fewer parts for easier assembly/disassembly. With PARI nebulizers, patients of all ages are assured the most efficient aerosol therapy and an improved quality of life. Dishwasher safe and boilable.

PARI’s Breath Enhanced Technology

The nebulizer cup is the part of your aerosol delivery system that turns your liquid medication into a mist, or aerosol. PARI’s reusable nebulizers are special because they are breath enhanced. This technology delivers more medication when you breathe in, and wastes less when you breathe out for the best treatment possible.

Order PARI Nebulizer Cups

REMEMBER: Replace Your Reusable Nebulizer Cup Every Six Months.
Order PARI Nebulizer Cups

Advantages of replacing your nebulizer cup:
  • Consistent medication delivery to the lungs
  • Fast and efficient treatments
  • Bacterial contamination can be reduced

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